A wide range of high performance customised wear and impact resistant cast products are supplied to meet the needs of the quarry, mining and cement industries. With a large numbers of patterns developed for crushers across the world, Aqua Alloys is very likely to have what you want.


The Company manufactures a wide variety of hammers of Manganese Steel and High Chrome Iron composition suited for various application needs and is the largest manufacturer of dual hardness high-chrome hammers (DuoHard) in this part of the world.

Blow bars

A wide range of blow bar designs and compositions, customized to meet the demanding needs of the application are manufactured and over 50% of the company’s blow bar production is exported. Anvils, Impellers, Wear Plates, Jaw Plates, Grizzly Bars Aqua Alloys also manufactures anvils, impellers, side wear plates, jaw plates and grizzly bars of various sizes and compositions for use in crushers.


Aqua Alloys develops and manufactures wear resistant cast products, in high-chrome iron, which perform exceedingly well in the highly abrasive conditions encountered during grinding operations.

Tube Mill Spares

Mill internals such as body liners and diaphragm grates are subjected to significant impact and wear. Depending on the application and mill size, the company supplies the wear parts in a wide range of high-chrome compositions , chrome varying from 2% to 28%. The company also undertakes supply of diaphragm structurals which help optimize mill operations.

Vertical Roller Mill Spares

The company offers standard spares such as rollers, liners, clamps, throat ring, seal rings etc for widely available vertical roller mills.

Material Handling

Bearing Housing and Journals
Plants across India, South-East Asia and Middle East have experienced the trouble free operation of bearing housing and journal sets supplied by the company for the highly dusty environs of screw conveyors / bucket elevators. The housings are manufactured in high chrome iron / Nihard with a hardness of 350 – 550 BHN and journals in high strength surface hardenable steel with the working face induction hardened to a hardness of 500 – 650 BHN.
Stacker / Reclaimer Bogie Wheels
Observe closely the continuously operating bogie wheels of stackers / reclaimers used in the infrastructure industry (Ports and Power Plants) and you are likely to find the company’s logo on them as Aqua has supplied over 2500 wheels in the last 4 years. This expertise has also been tapped by cement plants who have used Aqua manufactured wheels with the working tread hardened to 350 – 550 BHN depending on the requirement.
Other components such as heavy chain links (180-300 kg/pc), drive and return tumblers, sprockets, cams etc used in large mining applications are regularly supplied by Aqua to its loyal base of customers.